Participants must attend the
full 3-day training.
9:00am to 4:00pm daily
Enrollment limited to approximately 30 people.  
Acceptance into this training is based on review of the application and the
submission of one to three recordings of sessions using MI skills.
This is a non-qualifying course (MINT) - It will not qualify
participants for membership in the international Motivational Interviewing
Network of Trainers (MINT), however participants will be issued a Certificate of
Participation upon completion of the TNT workshop. (16.5 CEU’s in Maine)

Motivational Interviewing is a client/patient-centered, directive method for
enhancing intrinsic motivation to change by exploring and resolving


In this advanced, intensive 3 day training, proficiency in understanding
Motivational Interviewing (MI) is assumed as a starting point so applicants must
already have substantial familiarity and experience with Motivational
Interviewing. The focus is on training and
coaching skills toward teaching MI and to facilitate the learning of MI by others.
This training does not focus on acquisition of proficiency in the clinical skills
This training is designed to prepare the health, mental health and correctional
professional to teach, train and coach this effective, evidence-based clinical
method. Participants will learn a
well-developed, sequenced and integrated set of skills for coaching,
supervising and teaching MI across various settings.

During this three day workshop, participants will:

•        Discuss ways to teach, coach this material to others.
•        Learn the fundamentals of Motivational Interviewing
for use in health-care settings.
•        Explore, apply ways of integrating Motivational Interviewing
to a variety of settings.
•        Practice Motivational Interviewing on “challenging” clients through role,
real playing and discussion.
•        Adapt evidence, practice-based strategies to different populations.
•        Understand and be able to explain the rationale and research for MI.
•        Develop a mindful observing “eye” to notice, sense resistance.
•        Notice change and commitment language in dialogue.
•        Develop ways to integrate this material in coaching/supervision.


In preparation of this training please fill out this application form (Click
here) and submit one to three recordings of your self conducting an interview
(role play or real play) using Motivational Interviewing
Click here to see Guidelines for submitting a recording).
You will receive feedback once your 1st recording is coded and it might be
recommended that you send subsequent tapes as you work toward proficiency
to prepare for this train the trainer experience.
Teaching Motivational Interviewing
In Agencies, Institutions, and Schools
February 9th, 10th, and 11th, 2016
16.5 CEU's (Maine)  Cost: $450.00
This is a non-qualifying course (MINT).
Location:  25 Middle Street
Portland, Maine 04101
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. each day
Taught by
Stephen R. Andrew, LCSW, LADC, CCS
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