A Motivational Interview about Smoking Cessation
by Stephen Andrew, LCSW, LADC, CGP

This DVD is an excellent example of Motivational Interviewing in practice.  It is a
great tool for training and demonstration of the effectiveness of Motivational
Interviewing.  Watch as Stephen Andrew, LCSW, LADC, CCS uses Motivational
Interviewing to help his client gain a greater connection with ambivalence and move
toward positive change.  This conversation relates to smoking cessation but the
techniques can be applied to any situation where change is desired.

DVD:  $22.00
The Way of Courage and Kindness (CD)

"Wake up to what you say and do in every given
moment." You and I speak to ourselves through our
visions, hopes, and dreams. We may pursue these with
boldness and kindness in our inner talk with ourself or
through self criticism, fear, and shame. These quiet
self-conversations are a spiritual reflection on how we
treat ourselves and others - those we love or may not
know. This talk is meant to be your compassion
companion voice to help you move your towards your
vision or acceptance of what is in your life, tolerating the
fear and / or without the pain of the moment.

By Stephen R. Andrew with music by Rodney Mashia.

CD:  $12.00
Conscious Relating: A Life Book for Couples.

This workbook will help stimulate the dialogue between two people who
want to take their intimacy to a deeper level. The workbook is based on
work by my dear friends, Robert and Judith Gass, who provide a couples
workshop called “Sharing the Path” offered several times a year. . Between
their amazing ideas and my experience with couples, I created this
workbook so any couple could spend time assessing and talking about
their intimate relationship. This is also a companion to a couples support
group I do. If you would like more information about the couples intimacy
support group feel free to e-mail at the contact page on this web site. Thank
you for caring about your relationship.

by Stephen Andrew

Workbook:  $15.00 (shipping is included!)
Letting Your Spirit Soar (Audio Tape / CD)
Reach inside to motivate yourself in ways we only dream
about. Step through the shadows to welcome courage and
energy into our lives. Gain the power to make decisions
based on your wants, instead of making decisions in an effort
to avoid fear or change. We will use that anxiety as a catalyst
for making positive changes.

By Stephen Andrew. Music by Rodney Mashia.

CD:  $12.00
Courageous Men (Audio Tape / CD)

and what effects does this have on them? Why are
men's emotional responses primarily anger or
depression? Why is it difficult for men to become
intimate? What male characteristics make men more
susceptible to co-dependent relationships than
women? These and other issues are discussed on
this tape.

By Stephen Andrew with a group of 50 men.

CD:  $12.00
Dancing with Your Fears (Audio Tape / CD)

We face fear in many moments in our lives -- an inner voice
warning us of danger, abandonment, loss of power, or
shame. Fear remains from past hurts, abuses, and
excesses. Fear does not force action, even though we are
confused by the inner voice.

Many of us have spent our lives avoiding the signals of fear.
Learn to separate this fear, to dance with it, to observe it, to
give it a likeness and to be playful with it. Fear can be a
long-lost friend or a warmth on a cold evening. We will
provide you with the tools to help control the destiny

By Stephen R. Andrew with music by Rodney Mashia.

CD:  $12.00
                                  Man to Man (Video Tape)
A thoughtful, open group of men explore the assumptions and messages about men in
our society - including discussions on why men depend on women to meet their
emotional needs and why men are given a mandate to compete, perform and achieve.
Challenge the major obstacles men face when attempting to father their children, get
ahead in the workplace, or improve basic communication. We discuss solutions that
acknowledge men's feelings and allow the courage to be in an emotional state without

Produced by Stephen Andrew and Channel 4 Community Television.

Videotape:  $30.00
Principles of the Heart (Audio Tape / CD)

We long for love yet we are also anxious with true love. In
the midst of our anxiety, we need to make a fundamental
decision, to engage, to challenge, or to let go. Our hearts
are often clouded by our history. This tape gives ideas on
how to quiet the mind and focus on what the heart has to
offer. Use or create your own principles, but go about it
with a quiet calm, so that the mind has focus. Through
that quieting, that intention, the heart will be clear.

By Stephen Andrew with music by Rodney Mashia

CD:  $12.00
The Spiritwind Series
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($5.00 from each sale is donated to the Men's Resource
Center of Southern Maine, whose mission is to support
boys, men, and fathers as well as to oppose violence. Call
on its male peace support groups.)
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The Gift of Forgiveness (CD)

that have held you back in your life.  What is the purpose of those past
hurts, and how do we move through them to forgive and accept the
feelings of shame, disappointment, and despair?  How do those
become part of the faith of our lives in an effort to move us forward and
enhance our personal health?  This CD addresses the yearning that
we have for pure love...a deep connection.  It is the past hurts and
grievances that hold us back from acquiring that which we yearn for.  
This CD will help you think, giving you the principles to have more
compassion for yourself and others...it will help you regain your
equilibrium, your physical health, your emotional and spiritual life.  To
forgive is a gift to oneself and another...and a gift to the universe.  If
there is to be peace, it is within the individual.  The results of listening
to this CD may increase your zest for life.  As the awareness begins
and forgiveness ids demanded of us in an effort to have what we
yearn for...listen, enjoy, and pass along to your family, friends, and
loved ones.

By Stephen Andrew

CD:  $12.00
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Game Plan:  
A Man's Guide to Achieving Emotional Fitness
co-authored by Stephen Andrew, LCSW, LADC, CGP
with David J. Powell, Ph.D. and Alan Lyme, LCSW, CAP

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