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Coding for Motivational Interviewers
  • Are you practicing Motivational Interviewing and
wondering how you are doing?
  • Would you like some feedback on your work?

Coding is for you!

Coding is the term used for applying the Motivational Interviewing Treatment
Integrity (MITI) Code toan audio recording of a worker/client session. It has been
recommended that people who are learning Motivational Interviewing participate in
this practice.  

Please click here to read the MITI document.

Simply record a session with a client/patient (or a real/role play with a friend or co-
worker) and send it in to be coded. We will listen to a 20 minute segment and
provide feedback on how you are applying the principles and skills of Motivational
Interviewing to your work. Coding can help identify your personal strengths and
weaknesses and give you the tools and resources needed to continue to move
forward in Motivational Interviewing. We will listen to your work with a
compassionate heart and provide specific feedback about how you are using the
principles and practices of Motivational Interviewing. The results are remarkable;
and we will be here to coach you every step along the way.

Click here for recording guidelines.

You may also want to consider applying your accrued coding results toward our:
Certificate Program in the Advanced Practice of Motivational Interviewing.
Click here for more information!