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                                     Gwen Gannon, MA

Gwen Gannon holds a MA in Counseling Psychology, Addictions Concentration,
from Antioch New England Graduate School.   She also earned, and maintains,
a certification as a Master Tobacco Treatment Specialist from the University of
Massachusetts.  Gwen has worked in the field of community behavioral health
services for over 17 years where she held positions as a therapist, residential
case manager, women’s criminal justice program manager, tobacco treatment
program director and counselor, and direct care staff.  Gwen has a rich history
in providing MI focused services over the course of her behavioral health
related experiences.  She was immersed in receiving training and
demonstrating competency in MI while earning certification and practicing
tobacco treatment strategies.  

Currently, Gwen is the Executive Director for the Center for Addiction Recovery
where she has conducted many quantitative and qualitative research projects.
She has been involved in studying the use of motivational interviewing
interventions in a variety of settings that serve people who bring a diverse set
of life circumstances to the intervention based conversation.  

Gwen is a new member to the HETI Coding Team.  She attended two day
training in May 2010 on MITI Coding System 3.1 with Ali Hall, J.D.  Gwen is
currently participating in the Skype Inter-rater Reliability training/support group
which meets monthly in an effort to prevent drifting by the coder. Gwen is
currently beginning to code submissions for HETI.