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In-Person, Interactive Training
Foundational Motivational Interviewing
September 2024

This two-day training is an introduction to the evidence-based clinical method of Motivational Interviewing, an effective approach in the care of challenging clients, and will provide participants with an opportunity to explore creative ways of integrating these approaches. Motivational Interviewing is a client-centered, evidence-based, directive method for enhancing intrinsic motivation to change by exploring and resolving ambivalence. After orientation to the underlying spirit, structure, and principles of Motivational Interviewing, practical exercises will help participants strengthen empathy skills, recognize and elicit change talk, and roll with discord.

John Brelsford will be leading this workshop live  and in-person in Springfield, Massachusetts.

From John's recent Foundational MI trainings:

  • Yes, I now understand its structure and its goal and I "get" how to do it, even though this will take considerable practice.

  • I have read the book before, a few articles, but this course was a huge help in putting it altogether to make a clear picture of the spirit and basic principles.

  • Great training! I learned so much and now it is time to put it into practice. Thank you!


Thursday & Friday, September 5 & 6, 2024
9:00am - 4:00pm US Eastern time
La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham
100 Congress Street
Springfield, Massachusetts 01104
Cost: $175
Continuing Education Hours: 11

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