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Online Interactive Learning
Foundational Motivational Interviewing
October/November 2022

Realizing that attention spans are not the same on a screen as they are in person, we have adapted our trainings to allow for a highly interactive, effective learning to our current logistical circumstances.

This training take place over three four-hour sessions to learn the fundamental spirit, structure, and skills of Motivational Interviewing, to practice, and to bring questions and issues that arise as you begin implementing Motivational Interviewing in your practice and life.

Kelley Barton Newkirk will be leading this workshop online via the Zoom video-conferencing platform.

From Kelley's recent trainings:

  • "I can't thank you enough for the amazing beauty, honesty, vulnerability and humor that you bring to these training."

  • "Honestly I often don’t participate and share as openly as I did during the training. We were able to create a safe environment and it felt awesome. I’ll be back!!"


October 24, 26 & November 2, 2022
10:00am - 2:00pm US Eastern time


Online via Zoom

Cost: $175
Continuing Education Hours: 11


Instructor: Kelley Barton Newkirk LMSW-cc, MBA

"Kelly is amazing, has so much knowledge about MI and shares it in ways that are easy to understand and really are relevant to us and our work."

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