Online Interactive Learning

Motivational Interviewing: The Basics
August 2021

Realizing that attention spans are not the same on a screen as they are in person, we have adapted our trainings to allow for a highly interactive, effective learning to our current logistical circumstances.

This training will start with two four-hour sessions to learn the fundamental spirit, structure, and skills of Motivational Interviewing. These two days will be followed with two additional two-hour sessions once a week to practice more and bring questions and issues that arise as you begin implementing Motivational Interviewing in your practice and life.

Angelina Maia will be leading this workshop online via the Zoom video-conferencing platform.

  • “I think everyone can benefit from MI training and use it in their professions. The course is not geared towards one specific type of career which makes it flexible and applicable to your field of study. Angelina made it a comfortable environment to encourage participation but also did not pressure or force it. Overall this was such a great experience and I am so happy I decided to attend!”

  • “I have attended many conferences in 32 years. Angelina exuded passion, knowledge, safety, comfort, and engagement. By far one of the best conferences I have attended.“

 August 2 & 3, 2021 - 12:00pm (noon) - 4:00pm (US Eastern Time)
August 9 & 16, 2021  - 12:00pm (noon) - 2:00pm (US Eastern Time)


Online via Zoom

Cost: $175
Continuing Education Hours: 11


Instructor: Angelina Maia, PhD, RD, LD

“Angelina did an amazing job with breaking down MI in a comprehensive manner to understand the basic foundations. She is a great listener and very patient which was helpful if anyone needed clarification on something.”

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