Advocating for Men's Health

For three sessions from mid-February to mid-March 2019, Stephen Andrew was interviewed by Kim Larrabee of the New England Public Health Training Center for a Facebook Live series titled "Advocating for Men's Health". Issues addressed include: How can a greater understanding of what men face help us shape a more compassionate care delivery system and help men feel less isolated? What do we need to know about men to help them live better, healthier lives?

All three interview are archived and can be watched via the links below:

  • Men's Health and Wellness Today

    • Describe how men live in an environment of risk

    • Learn how isolation and loneliness can lead to an increase in self-harm and violence

    • Discuss the large increase in male suicide since 1999 reported by the CDC

  • Mapping the Future

    • Describe the primary cultural differences that affect how men approach health and wellness

    • Discuss how important it is to move beyond the distraction of the gender debate, shaping care delivery that is compassionate and reflective of how men approach care.

    • Learn from examples of how these forces can lead to better health and better access to health care

  • How Can We Better Support Men to Seek Care?

    • Describe how communities can question the cultural view that showing vulnerability poses an unwelcome risk

    • List 3 things providers of services can do to make care more acceptable to men

    • Name 4 principles to help men as they seek care