Conversations in Compassion

Welcome to "Conversations in Compassion". This is not an interview, but an attempt to demonstrate conversations that are rooted in compassion and empathy. We will focus in on some of the most important issues of our time. Each conversation will be fresh and will focus on the individual and how to bring their story to life.
My hope is that through these conversations, we can help resolve the discord in our families, in ourselves, and in our communities; and focus on the most important need of our time, the need for compassion.
Episode 5: Please Unmute Yourself,
We Want to Hear Your Voice

The coronavirus pandemic has laid bare the inequities experienced by many in our community. Access to the great equalizer that is public education is no longer a matter of heading down to the local school in the morning, but of technology and resources that are not always readily available to all. Even when access can be arranged, the lack of relationships fostered in the local school community can lead vulnerable students to remain silent and invisible.

Episode 4: Connection is the Antidote

The stories in our own head around shame can become so unbearable that it leads to avoidance; of family, of friends, of our own better self through addiction. Someone who can quietly listen to that story with empathy can allow us a path back. Exposing our vulnerable self to others and letting them do the same with us can be the hardest, but most valuable service we can perform.

Episode 3: Seeing Through the Cracks

Trauma, anxiety, shame. Sitting with ourselves when we couldn't imagine anyone wanting to. Sitting with someone who is in the midst of that struggle.

Episode 2: Broken Open

A brilliant young woman talks about the process of opening up to her own emotional life. Coming to terms with her childhood traumas, issues with alcohol, and new motherhood lead her to examine her way of living and to consider breaking open to her long buried emotions.

Episode 1: Re-Awakening

Stephen talks with an old friend, Rodney Mashia. A Black man who grew up in the rural South during the fifties and sixties, Rodney reflects on his journey and his renewed desire to share his voice and his story.