This DVD shows an excellent example of Motivational Interviewing in practice. It is a great tool for training and demonstration of the effectiveness of Motivational Interviewing. Watch as Stephen Andrew LCSW, LADC, CCS, CGP uses Motivational Interviewing during a 20 minute session to help his client gain a greater connection with ambivalence and move toward positive change. This conversation relates to smoking cessation but the techniques can be applied to any situation where change is desired.

A Motivational Interview about Smoking Cessation

  • Stephen is a storyteller and consultant who maintains a compassion-focused private practice in Portland, Maine (USA) where he also facilitates a variety of men’s, co-ed, couples, and caregiver groups. He is the creator of the Spiritwind series and sees his work as an opportunity to teach what he is in the ongoing process of learning for himself. Stephen lives with his sweet wife Hilary and son Sebastian.