Rodney Mashia

Rodney Mashia Photo.jpg

Born and raised in southern Louisiana and educated in New England, Rodney Mashia is a singer, songwriter, guitarist. flutist and trainer.  A former electrical engineer and software developer, Rodney brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in several different areas, including emotional healing work (Spring Hill's Opening the Heart Workshop), men's work (Online course for men, Men's group facilitator), and work in cultural diversity (National Coalition Building Institute certification,  trainer at Multicultural Bridge, Lenox MA).  As a musician, both on recordings and live performance, his credo is "Music for and from the Heart” reflecting his deep belief that music can be a powerful tool for healing and connection.

Having assisted in several Motivational Interviewing trainings, Rodney is honored to have the opportunity to contribute to bringing more compassionate communication into the world.