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Motivational Interviewing in Staff Supervision

December 5, 7 12 & 14, 2023 - Online via Zoom

Stephen Andrew will be leading this training, sponsored by CCSME.


This training is for learners who have completed the Foundational Motivational Interviewing trainings and who are in a role that involves supervision of staff. This training will deal with ways in which the spirit, techniques and concepts of MI may benefit supervisors in their efforts to support and motivate the staff they supervise in carrying out their job responsibilities. The training will involve exercises employing the material presented in previous trainings in supervisory situations.

  • “Excellent training- I definitely learned so much and relearned so much which I didn't even know I had forgotten. I came out of it with a new sense of enthusiasm.”


  • “Well presented and interesting. Effective teaching method/style. Knowledgeable with material and patient.”


  • “This training has helped me obtain balance and clarity on coaching using MI and understand that being empathetic, and reflecting is not counseling, thus can be use freely--and should be used.”

For more information about and to register for this training,
please see the CCSME website here.


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