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Clinical Supervision:

A Model of Clinical Supervision Using Motivational Interviewing

January 11 - 15, 2021 - Online via Zoom

Stephen Andrew will be leading this training, sponsored by AdCare Maine.


This five-day training introduces the Blended Model of Supervision. Treatment programs are changing constantly with new diagnostic and placement standards. The credential requirements are always being raised. Clinical supervision provides the most important resource available for training, management decision-making, and quality assurance. Supervision is also a critical element of the counseling process, enhancing client outcome and employee satisfaction. The Blended Model of Supervision was developed by Dr. David Powell to address these changes in the substance abuse field.

  • “Excellent training- I definitely learned so much and relearned so much which I didn't even know I had forgotten. I came out of it with a new sense of enthusiasm.”


  • “Well presented and interesting. Effective teaching method/style. Knowledgeable with material and patient.”


  • “I liked how this was a training that didn’t feel like a training. I learned so much in a completely not boring way.”

For more information about and to register for this training,
please see the AdCare website here.


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