Valentine's Week Extravaganza 2020

February 11th - 14th - Portland, Maine

We will be offering four different ‘events’ during this, the sweetest week of the year. John Brelsford will be leading our Motivational Interviewing: The Basics and Advancing the Practice workshops, while Stephen Andrew will lead Teaching Motivational Interviewing in Agencies, Schools & Institutions for those who are interested in becoming Motivational Interviewing trainers themselves. The participants in the Teaching Motivational Interviewing workshop will be periodically joining both of Dr. Brelsford's workshops to lead exercises as part of their training. We are offering these two, the Basics & Advancing, at a discount and will be inviting feedback about the new trainers.


We will round out the week with Stephen’s Ninth Annual Motivational Interviewing Trainers’ Forum.

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Stephen Andrew
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