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MITI Coding Services

Are you practicing Motivational Interviewing and looking to improve?
Would you like constructive feedback on your work?

Coding is the term used for applying the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity Code (MITI 4.2.1) to an audio recording of a worker/client session. Coding will assist you in identifying your personal strengths and weaknesses and give you the tools and resources needed to continue moving forward in Motivational Interviewing. We will code your recording using the latest MITI Coding Manual giving you an objective measure of your adherence to the Motivational Interviewing principles. It has been recommended that people who are learning Motivational Interviewing participate in the practice of coding.

Simply record a session with a client/patient (or a real/role play with a friend or co-worker) and send it in to be coded. We will listen to a 20 minute segment and email you a narrative summary. We will listen to your work with a compassionate heart and provide specific feedback and examples about how you are using the principles and practices of Motivational Interviewing and where and how you may look to improve. The results are remarkable; and we will be here to coach you every step along the way.

If finding a client, patient, or co-worker to record is difficult, our simulated client/patient service will let you use MITI Coding to continue to improve your practice of Motivational Interviewing. Simulated clients have been carefully trained to present the emotional characteristics of real clients to help you learn and practice your MI skills. After arranging for a half-hour phone session, the simulated client will discuss the details of creating the scenario and then record and submit the session to our coding team for you. Your completed coded feedback will be sent to you by email in seven to ten business days. The simulated client will also give you some immediate feedback on your use of the spirit of Motivational Interviewing.

Our half-hour phone coaching sessions provide you with further guidance and collaboration with experienced Motivational Interviewing coaches. After receiving your coded feedback from one of our coders, simply email the coder to schedule your session.

MITI Coding Services Pricing:

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You may want to consider applying your coding results toward our
Certificate Program of Advanced Motivational Interviewing


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