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Intermediate Motivational Interviewing

Welcome to the HETI Motivational Interviewing Intermediate Level Online Course!

We are so happy that you have joined us.

This course will take place in four modules. Each module provides the following:

  • Instructional section with a video presentation, slide show lecture, audio or text lesson.

  • Reading assignments.

  • Written or other activities.

  • Discussion forum.

  • Test your knowledge/quiz or self-reflection activity in some modules.

  • Optional extras in some modules.

You will find some jokes scattered throughout the course for a fun brain break!

Upon completion of the course, students should have the skills, knowledge, and habits of mind to:

  • Define and describe the fundamental principles of MI.

  • Define and describe motivational interviewing and how it applies as a counseling style.

  • Identify examples of empathetic questions.

  • Define and identify simple and complex reflection statements.

  • Code a conversation.

  • Determine and apply strategies to use with case studies and clients which adhere to the spirit of MI.

  • Define, recognize, and give examples of change talk.

  • Self- assess their MI skills.

The modules are meant to be completed in the order presented. They are also spaced one week apart to let you practice integrating the new concepts into your practice as they build upon each other and the more comfortable you are with the earlier concepts, the more open you can be to learning the new ones.

Please note that the time spent on each module will vary, though you should expect to spend approximately two hours each week.

In Module Four, you have a final assignment in video format. This gives you the opportunity to demonstrate what you've learned and stretch yourself a bit!

At the end of the course you will find a brief evaluation survey. Your feedback is important to us!  We will carefully review all responses and the survey will provide us with valuable feedback for course improvement and development. 

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