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Kym Dakin

Kym Dakin, M.Ed,  has been working as a Simulated Client with HETI since 2015.  She develops a variety of customized cases for MI practice so that the practitioner has a productive, highly engaged and realistic practice session. Additionally, Kym has been a part of the Standardized Patient program at Maine Medical Center, a collaborative effort through Tufts and Maine Med, for four years, teaching medical residents to partner more effectively, and communicate more productively with patients. She is the Founding Director of Voice Into Learning, LLC., specializing in team experience design, as well as a founding member of  the true story improvisational theatre company - Portland Playback.

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Rodney Mashia

Rodney C. Mashia is a consultant, trainer, workshop leader, author and musician based in Portland, Maine. He is a former staff member of Spring Hill of Ashby, where he facilitated the Opening the Heart workshops, and for 20 years has staffed Kindred Spirits, a summer camp for adults at Rowe Camp and Conference Center. He is a National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) trained multicultural consultant and trainer. He is the author and developer of Men’s Healing, An Online Course for Men. As a musician, Rodney has been touching hearts for four decades with his soulful music, and has entertained many groups with his original lyrics, vocal interpretations, guitar, and flute.

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Doreen Alling

Doreen Alling LMSW-cc, LADC first started her journey at HETI in the Summer of 2019, when she took Motivational Interviewing (MI) as a clinical elective at the University of Southern Maine. Taken by the practice of compassionate conversations, Doreen committed to immersing herself in MI; completing a year-long group practicum. Doreen then engaged in an additional concentration year internship working closely with Stephen learning the spirit of MI through coaching and training others, and submitting recordings for coding. It is her passion to bring the healing power of MI to people through direct contact in her work with men and women experiencing incarceration, substance misuse and trauma as well as through community organization; one compassionate conversation at a time.

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Billy Voisine

Billy comes with nearly 20 years of experience working in alternative education. With 12 years at the Deer Isle Stonington elementary, 3 years at the Congin School in Westbrook and the last few years working for Jobs for Maine's Grads (JMG). Billy grew up in the shadow of Mt. Katahdin, he loves the outdoors, all things water and all things mango

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