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Simulated Client/Patient Service

If finding a client, patient, or co-worker to record is difficult, our simulated client/patient service will let you use MITI Coding to continue to improve your practice of Motivational Interviewing. Simulated clients have been carefully trained to present the emotional characteristics of real clients to help you learn and practice your MI skills. We maintain an online scheduling calendar which you can use to schedule a thirty minute session with on of our simulated client actors. The session, once scheduled, will start with a short talk to "set the stage" and determine the behavioral change that will be the focus for this conversation and then a twenty minute recorded conversation where you as the worker will practice your Motivational Interviewing skills. The simulated client actor will record and submit the session to our coding team for you if you will be using our MITI Coding service. Your completed coded feedback will be sent to you by email in seven to ten business days. The simulated client will also give you some immediate feedback on your use of the spirit of Motivational Interviewing.

Half-hour phone session with one of our trained simulated client/patients to practice your Motivational Interviewing skills. The simulated client/patient will record the session which can be submitted for MITI Coding at your request.
HETI Certificate Program Members
Members of our Certificate Program of Advanced Motivational Interviewing can take advantage of our Simulated Client/Patient Service at a discounted rate.
Scheduling Your Session with a Simulated Patient/Client:
Please use our online calendar to find an available session that works with your schedule.


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