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MITI Coding

Coding is the term used for applying the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity Code (MITI 4.2.1) to an audio recording of a worker/client session. Coding will assist you in identifying your personal strengths and weaknesses and give you the tools and resources needed to continue moving forward in Motivational Interviewing. We will code your recording using the latest MITI Coding Manual giving you an objective measure of your adherence to the Motivational Interviewing principles. It has been recommended that people who are learning Motivational Interviewing participate in the practice of coding.

Simply record a session with a client/patient (or a real/role play with a friend or co-worker) and send it in to be coded. We will listen to a 20 minute segment and email you a narrative summary. We will listen to your work with a compassionate heart and provide specific feedback and examples about how you are using the principles and practices of Motivational Interviewing and where and how you may look to improve. The results are remarkable; and we will be here to coach you every step along the way.

Be courageous.
Isn't that what you are asking
of your clients and patients?
Coding of your submitted recording
with emailed feedback
HETI Certificate Program Members
Members of our Certificate Program of Advanced Motivational Interviewing can take advantage of our MITI Coding services at a  discounted rate.
Recording Guidelines:
  • The interview should be at least 20 minutes long. Partial interviews with different clients cannot be combined. The interview must be continuous and should not be edited.


  • The session must include only two individuals: yourself and the client. Couple and group sessions are not appropriate as they are difficult to code properly.


  • The interview must be with a client 18 years of age or older (if younger, permission from a parent or guardian is necessary), a supervision session, and/or a role-play. Whenever possible, the work sample should occur on or before the client's third session.


  • Both your voice and the client's voice must be clearly audible. Check the sound before submitting the recording to ensure quality.


  • Please use a common audio file format: mp3 (most common devices), m4a (Apple products), wma (Windows Media)


  • Signed permission from the client must be obtained for your own records. (Sample Consent Form)


  • Our coding of these recordings is only for the purpose of increasing competency in the use of Motivational Interviewing in individual work. (Our expertise is only in the reliability of an individual session. The coded feedback is not intended for use in a research project.)

Sending Us Your Recording for MITI Coding:

Please do not send your voice recording file to us as an email attachment, most files will be too large.


Simply click on this link to open a custom form or this page on our website to upload the recording directly to our coding lab.

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