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An essay for facilitators, doctors, psychologists, social workers, teachers, coaches, parents, palliative care nurses and other healthcare professionals about what ALL of us can do for each other, for groups, partners, lovers, children, friends, neighbors, and even strangers with whom we strike up conversations.

Exploring how we can improve our practice of presence, of listening well, and of communicating effectively.

A short meditation, reflection, a conversation starter with yourself.

Unsolicited advice can destroy a relationship/partner.

Here's how successful couples do it differently. There's an art to arguing.

A tool for couples to practice expressing vulnerable thoughts and feelings with each other in a safe manner and to manage the "reactivity" in the relationship.

A hands-on practitioner's guide to using Motivational Interviewing.

What makes motivational interviewing unique? How to engage in a motivational interviewing based conversation.

A short table showing the different complex reflection types.

A quick checklist for a motivational interviewing based conversation.

It’s a simple approach that’s hard in practice. The necessary ingredients for high-quality training include: instruction, practice, feedback, coaching, and modeling. We will elaborate on all of these components.

The importance of compassion for community building, and therefore compassionate dialog.

Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment best practices.

This publication "provides probation and parole officers and other correctional professionals with both a solid grounding in the principles behind MI [motivational interviewing] and a practical guide for applying these principles in their everyday dealings with offenders" (p.2). Seven chapters are contained in this guide: how MI fits in with evidence-based practice; how and why people change; the motivational interviewing style; preparing for change; building motivation for change; navigating through tough times--working with deception, violations, and sanctions; and from start to finish--putting MI into practice.

Five New Articles from MINT, the International Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers

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