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Foundational Motivational Interviewing

This training is an introduction to the evidence-based clinical method of Motivational Interviewing, an effective approach in the care of challenging clients, and will provide participants with an opportunity to explore creative ways of integrating these approaches. Motivational Interviewing is a client-centered, evidence-based, directive method for enhancing intrinsic motivation to change by exploring and resolving ambivalence. After orientation to the underlying spirit, structure, and principles of Motivational Interviewing, practical exercises will help participants strengthen empathy skills, recognize and elicit patient change talk, and roll with resistance.

  • “This is very exciting. It has expanded my learning skills. It has made me think about how I can better serve my clients and help to make my work more effective.”


  • “By far the most informative & relevant training that I have ever attended.”


  • "Easy to participate, non-judgmental, excellent coaching."


  • “Great energy, kept the audience’s attention. It was worth the two hour drive to get here. I absolutely loved the workshop and had a wonderful time.”


  • “The concepts of MI can be very challenging to learn at first and maybe difficult to grasp, but I think MI is the best thing that has happened to the therapy/counseling and criminal justice field!”


  • “I've also found that this training has helped me to be a better person in general; family members and friends have been opening up to me more because I am truly listening to them.”


  • “I learned a tremendous amount about how to best help clients and also learned about my own tendencies in practice and what to work on. Great job! I was never bored.”


  • “Learned to be a more effective and less judgemental listener. This training goes much further than being useful at work; this was life training!”

Upcoming Foundational Motivational Interviewing Trainings

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via Zoom
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