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Ethics, Law & Substance Use

Ethical decisions are often complex and multifaceted, as well as lacking simple solutions. There are many ‘gray areas’ that demand both reflection and the use of decision making skills. This class will provide you with the opportunity to evaluate boundaries when working with people, and to learn models of ethical decision making. We will explore exercises that help define and resolve ethical problems at work. We will also discuss the link between the quality of ethics and the quality of care.

  • “If you don't like to work, you won't enjoy these trainings. If you do like to work, it doesn't get much better.”


  • “Approaching from an MI perspective...Ambivalence between Therapuetic Alliance and Boundaries is brilliant! A language that I speak.”


  • "I ALWAYS learn from Steven's trainings, and he makes me think deeper and longer about issues. Even getting me out of my comfort zone."


  • "I enjoyed that the training gave me time to contemplate and reflect on ethics and how they are carried out in my work. I appreciated that it challenged me to ask "why?" on some things I thought might be absolutes. Some things are absolute still but I have a clearer understanding as to why that is for me."


Tuesday, June 18th - 12:00pm (noon) - 4:00pm US Eastern time


Online via Zoom

Cost: $95
Continuing Education Hours: 4


Instructor: Stephen R. Andrew LCSW, LADC, CCS


I love what a trusting environment it was. Stephen Andrew is an amazing teacher and speaker!

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