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Compassion Coaching

Are you wanting to take responsibility and manifest your dreams and wishes in your life?


Compassion coaching is spiritual work and training for committed individuals who want to release self-limiting beliefs and learn to act with greater power and effectiveness in all aspects of their lives.


Through this coaching process, which includes phone or in-person sessions, as well as targeted assignments and practices, you will be supported to:

  • Remember and sustain your connection to your spiritual source, life purpose, and healthy relationships.

  • Clarify and actualize your dreams, hopes, wishes.

  • Move from fear, judgment, and stress, to compassion, ease, and joy.

  • Focus your attention in service of your goals.

  • Transform apparent limiting beliefs into change for your own dreams.

  • Create the life and the results you want.


Stephen Andrew has been a storyteller, coach, organizational consultant, and teacher of compassion for over 30 years.

For coaching inquiries, please contact Stephen at:

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