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Motivational Interviewing Master Coaching Session

We are happy to offer 1:1 coaching services because many MI learners can learn Motivational Interviewing spirit and techniques more effectively via a coaching model than through traditional teaching.

With our coaching program, participants will receive one-on-one real-time coaching from a Master Coach during a live 20 minute guided conversation with an MI Coach about a desired behavior change. After the conversation, they will then engage with the Master Coach in feedback and discussion.

The Master Coach, with the participant’s permission, will provide MI consistent verbal and written feedback, and will collaborate on the development of a Motivational Interviewing learning plan, including the next step for the participant to move forward in their Motivational Interviewing learning journey.


Doreen Alling.jpg

Doreen Alling LMSW-cc, LADC

Doreen first started her journey at HETI in the Summer of 2019, when she took Motivational Interviewing (MI) as a clinical elective at the University of Southern Maine. Taken by the practice of compassionate conversations, Doreen committed to immersing herself in MI; completing a year-long group practicum. Doreen then engaged in an additional concentration year internship working closely with Stephen learning the spirit of MI through coaching and training others, and submitting recordings for coding. It is her passion to bring the healing power of MI to people through direct contact in her work with men and women experiencing incarceration, substance misuse and trauma as well as through community organization; one compassionate conversation at a time.

HETI's Motivational Interviewing Master Coach

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