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This talk is most likely going to help you think about the grievances that have held you back in your life. What is the purpose of those past hurts, and how do we move through them to forgive and accept the feelings of shame, disappointment and despair? How do these become part of the faith of our lives in an effort to move us forward and enhance our personal health? This recording addresses the yearning that we have for pure love, for a deep connection. It is the past hurts and grievances that hold us back from acquiring that which we yearn for. The Gift of Forgiveness will help you think, giving you the principles to have more compassion for yourself and others. To forgive is a gift to oneself, to another, and to the universe.

The Gift of Forgiveness

  • Stephen R. Andrew LCSW, LADC, CCS, CGP is a storyteller and consultant who maintains a compassion-focused private practice in Portland, Maine (USA) where he also facilitates a variety of men’s, co-ed, couples, and caregiver groups. He is the creator of the Spiritwind series and sees his work as an opportunity to teach what he is in the ongoing process of learning for himself. Stephen lives with his sweet wife Hilary and son Sebastian.

  • This talk will be delivered as a download in the MP3 file format, the most common digital audio file format.

    This recording is just over 47 minutes long and the MP3 file is 52.5 MB in size.

    You will receive a link to download The Gift of Forgiveness in the Thank You page of the Checkout along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.

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